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These are the best tags in existence.

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Bucky and Natasha + fighting

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Chris Evans an Lee on the set of The Avengers

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typical nbc hannibal script

<b> will:</b> i am a dark metaphor seething into the deep core of my own Ass i want to smell the screams of all the people who have ever wronged my delicate mind<p><b>hannibal played by mads mikkelsen who is wearing 12 plaid suits at once and looks like he just dunked his head in a bucket of crisco:</b> and how does that make you feel<p>
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Guardian of the Galaxy spoilers 

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#good thing winter is coming #gonna need some ice on that burn

And Tyrion’s just like “Respect.”

If anyone can appreciate the value of a well delivered backhanded compliment, it’s Tyrion.

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like does marvel actually understand i will spend my life savings on nat romanoff merchandise if they give her a movie

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I really like this gif because Stitch does that little squinty thing that animals do when they’re really happy and relaxed and you can tell that he’s having such a superb time playing that little ukulele

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